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MCS Group is a privately owned Australian national company specialising in the provision of Specialist Engineering and Building technical reports designed for insurance related applications.

Our Consultants are based throughout Australia in over 70 locations offering a wide range of technical expertise. This includes building consultancy and multiple engineering disciplines (for example: structural, civil, geotechnical, mining, mechanical, marine, electrical and hydraulic).

Our Reports are designed to address issues of cause and effect, extent of loss or damage, appropriate and cost-effective methods of remediation, Scopes of Work etc.

We are frequently called upon by Insurers and Assessors or their agents, Bodies Corporate and Government Agencies to Report on damage to private residential property, multi tenanted apartments, commercial property, rural property and general infrastructure.

MCS Group often assists Insurer clients with dispute resolution, Expert Witness reports, submissions to the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA) and litigated matters for panel lawyers.

Our reports can include identifying risk, hazard mitigation, disaster response and recovery, and other specific technical assignments.


MCS has been providing services to a wide range of insurers in Australia for over 25 years.

We have consultants based in most major centres and we can arrange attendance at the more remote locations as required.

We always strive to do this on a “shared cost” basis as we are acutely aware of the need to keep claims handling costs to a minimum. Estimates are often provided in respect of assignments that are complex or that which involves extensive travel.

We are dedicated to providing the highest possible level of technical expertise and service to our clients.

MCS Consultants are appointed only after a rigorous selection process and confirmed recognition of their level of expertise and experience. They operate under very clear guidelines which deal with, amongst others, conflict, timing of delivery, not commenting on policy issues, being concise and categoric as far as it is reasonable to do so, prompt attendance and responses, and professionalism at all times.

The MCS Management Structure is designed to provide efficient cost effective services to busy assessing and insurer teams. Our reporting services are structured to facilitate the claims management process by providing relevant and practical information that enables your staff to deal with the indemnity issues promptly and accurately - which assists our clients in managing the expectations of their clients and brokers while containing costs.

We are proudly independent and we are not aligned to any particular organisation, repairer network or contractor / subcontractor group. We can therefore provide services that are truly independent and at ‘arm’s length’.




MCS has a wide range of services available, including:

  • General assistance with technical enquiries

  • Preparing detailed or Dissected Scopes of Work

  • Determining if structures are compliant with NCC and relevant Australian Standards

  • Post repair inspections

  • Other assignments, as required

  • Reporting on and analysing damage to property; its cause and effect

  • Recommending appropriate remediation processes

  • Analysis and commentary on quotes or invoices for repair

  • Large or complex risks can readily be accommodated




Its owner is a descendant of James Warner, a Government Surveyor who surveyed the entire length of Norman Creek, from its headwaters in Mount Gravatt to its confluence with the Brisbane River. His plan, a real treasure, was produced in September 1839 and is held by the Queensland Museum of Lands, Mapping and Surveying. In 1850 James Warner surveyed and plotted the Milton Reach between Boundary Creek and Western Creek.

James Warner’s 1850 plan defined the boundaries of what is today Coronation Drive Office Park.

The River Road (now called Coronation Drive) was indicated by a dotted line.

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